Electronic Skin Spatula For Blackhead Removal Is Going Viral, But Is It Effective?

Scooch over, masks and vacuums, as there's a new trending tool available in the market that's viral going because it's oddly satisfying. The electronic skin spatula is making blackhead removal a breeze, or so it claims.

Blackhead removals have long been rigorous and people are continuously on the lookout for better, easier, and more effective ways to clear the skin. Masks, which lifts the impurities away, do not only leave some behind, it is also time-consuming.

Electronic Skin Spatula  

The newest trend that's gaining popularity nowadays is the electronic skin spatula. No, it isn't anything like SpongeBob Squarepants' electric spatula. Basically, the tool, from the name itself, is a small spatula that uses vibrations to loosen unwanted oil and sebum on the face, or in other words, to remove the gunk.

For further demonstrations, there are plenty of clips on YouTube which are disgusting, to say the least. Videos would show people trying the device and as they scrape their noses or cheeks while the buzzing sound can be heard, the liquid starts dripping on the electronic skin spatula.

The horror gets worse when the liquid is wiped with a tissue, which shows a yellow-y, grayish color. While the clips may be satisfying for some, others find it stomach-turning. The electronic skin spatula sells for $40 to $140, depending on the brand.

Is It Safe?

Meanwhile, the better point to underline here is if it's safe for use. In an interview with Allure, dermatologist Sejal Shah explained that the pressure used to scrape the skin may be jeopardizing the skin, and this may outweigh the promised benefits of the electronic skin spatula.

To get more gunk from the skin, users may end up applying too much pressure in scraping, and Shah said this is a big no-no. Another dermatologist, Shari Machbein, further said this could be dangerous for those who have sensitive skin. The skin doctor was even doubtful if the electronic skin spatula can really remove blackheads.

Meanwhile, Insider tried the electronic skin spatula, and it shared the clip on Instagram with the comment section showing mixed reactions. Some people expressed confusion about the device, while other users found it useless and unnecessary.

"This is so stupid. Do not buy this! It won't help in any way. You just need to clean your skin do not scrape your skin...," @dora.palma83 said.

Others were sold easily and asked where to get the product. Then, there were those who advised people to consult first with the experts before using the electronic skin spatula. Machbein's skepticism if the tool really works also mirrored with some users who said that scraping does not remove the blackheads at all.

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