Everyone uses shampoo and other beauty products that contain many secret ingredients mentioned at the back of the container. One of which is "fragrance" and it is one of the most important components to have. However, no one actually knows the identity of the chemicals present in it.

For many decades, beauty brands have used the word to attract the consumers towards their product but they haven't given any description of the hazardous issues associated with it such as allergies and sensitive skin. However, as per the EWG, one of the beauty industry giants Unilever, which owns TRESemme, Dove, Suave, Caress, Vaseline, and more, has announced a transparency measure, which allows the users to access details of the fragrance ingredients in their personal care products.

The major step that exceeds the FDA requirements is taken after teaming up with SmartLabel, a mobile application that will showcase the detailed list of chemicals present in the fragrance ingredients of the beauty product. The initiative, which aims to be completed by the end of 2018, will allow the consumers discover the products that are causing them allergies or sensitive skin.