Want some inspiration to spark your own New Year's beauty resolutions? Check these out and take your pick:

1. Resolve never to go without moisturizing after you shower again.

2. Add a reminder to your phone to get a regular wax every 4-6 weeks.

3. Finally take that meeting with your dermatologist you've been meaning to have.

4. Change things up and grab a different perfume to wear everyday.

5. Fight the urge to pluck and let your eyebrows grow out, thick is in!

6. If you're a ponytail fanatic, try and go cold turkey outside of the gym.

7. Make an effort to get 8 hours sleep! Beauty sleep is real!

8. Water: Don't leave home without it. This is nature's best kept beauty secret!

9. Read up on the ingredients in your makeup and dental care.

10. If your shoulder is hurting all the time from a heavy beauty bag, commit to pairing it down with only the bare basics and the tired and true classics.

11. Venture out from your normal mani-pedi routine and promise to try a new hue each and every time you head to the salon.

12. Say it with us, "I will go to the gym more often."

13. Get that corset you've been meaning to try for a little waist training.

14. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

15. Try not to be as addicted to your cellphone.

16. Look to your kitchen for DIY hair care ideas. 

17. Make an effort to brighten that beautiful smile.

18. Don't let a bad mood inspire any new makeovers. Trust us.

19. High heel lovers, treat your feet to a good pair of flats.

20. Remember to take all your makeup of at night!

What resolutions are you planning to commit to? Tell su with a note below!