We all have our vices, and beauty junkies are no exception. Some of us are addicted to sugar, others can't resist a retail therapy session, and for others we find pleasure in over-grooming. It might be an innocent habit, but here are 5 beauty addictions you need to quit stat:

Biting fingernails. Not only is this a bad habit, it turns anyone's fingers into a super short version of what was once a pretty hand. Plus, how can you rock your favorite spring nail polish when half your nail bed is gone? It's often a nervous habit or one we do out of boredom. We recommend adding a fun rhinestone or two to nails and that should deter your teeth for a while.

Over tweezing brows. No one ever says this, but it is actually OK to let your brows take a breather and grow themselves out a bit. Over-tweezing creates brows that don't ever really come back. Put the tweezer down for a week or two and you'll brows will thank you by staying full and actually growing so you can shape them.

Tight ponytails. Nothing looks better than a snatched pony, but we must remember to give our hairlines a break. The hair around the front perimeter of your scalp is the most delicate, so be kind and let it hang down most of the time. Better yet, if this is your go-to look, leave the hair around the edges of your head out, snatch your ponytail, and then tuck the remaining hairs in, so there's less tension on them.

Full-faced makeup 24/7. Let your skin breath and it will thank you! Makeup artists will agree that you have to do right by your skin and let it out for some fresh air every now and then. We know women will wear makeup most of the time, but never while you're asleep and for those quick errands to the supermarket, we think you can survive without it.

Piling on the perfume. Gizunteit! This is a bad beauty habit that can affect all of us. If your presence can launch someone into a sneezing fit, its time to put the perfume down. Some may think there's a fine line between a scent smelling great and it being overpowering, but there really isn't. Spray only the pulse points on your neck, wrists, elbow folds, the back of your knees, and it's all you need for the day.

What bad beauty habits are you going to break? Tell us with a note below!