4 Reasons To Never Sleep With Your Makeup On

A long day at work or a late night out can leave a gal exhausted. As soon as you get home, it feels like your bed is calling your name for some gold old-fashioned R&R. But wait right there! Before you fall face first into your pillow, be sure to remove your makeup. We all have our favorite signature shade of lipstick or eyeliner, but after reading these 4 beauty warnings, you won't head to bed with them anymore. Click through the slideshow to see a few celebrities who are also guilty of this skin care crime too.

Clogged Pores. Physicians estimate about 1/3 of women go to bed in full-faced makeup. This can easily cause pores to become clogged and way larger than you want them to visibly be. Makeup, dirt and oil quickly build up to cause blackheads and whiteheads. The goal for skin should be pores free of debris, keeping them small so skin looks smooth and without the roughness visible pores can cause.

Wrinkles. Makeup is supposed help you look younger, but going to sleep with it on has the exact opposite effect. Leaving your day face on and skipping the night cream is a big no-no. Without proper hydration during the hours skin is rebooting and healing itself from the day 's elements, causes unwanted dryness that can lead to premature fine lines and wrinkles.

To prove the point, A reporter for the Daily Mail agreed to sleep with her makeup on for a month (she might as well have been a stunt double!) and proved this warning oh so right. Dermatologists cited a month's worth of makeup was the equivalent to aging a woman's face by 10 years! The reporter who volunteered for this experiment did major damage, with shocking before and after shots that showed redness, swelling and exhausted skin that aged her by a decade.

No Glow. Without pores that are healthy, unclogged, and allow skin to breath in oxygen, you can kiss your natural radiance goodbye. Your makeup may look fabulous by day, but turns into a dangerous mask by night that sucks the life out of skin that would normally be vibrant and bright. To sleep in your makeup undoes all the exfoliating you've done to help slough away dry cells to allow new fresh skin to surface. It's all buried under your foundation!

Breakouts. And of course the inevitable result of clogging skin is irritation. From foundation that causes acne on the skin, to eyeliner and mascara that can trigger sties to develop in and around the eyes, why invite an unwanted breakout into bed with you? During the day, skin faces the harsh elements, with makeup catching and holding onto many of these free radicals. When you think of it that way, no one would want to cozy up to harsh outside chemicals and pollutants. Free your skin of these harmful hazards before you wake up to blemishes.

Are you guilty of sleeping in your makeup? Confess your skin care sins by leaving us a note below!

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