We all get bored with our style every now and then. There's nothing like a little variety to switch up and take the ordinary to extraordinary. But before you feed into that impulse to reinvent yourself consider these 5 reasons why you might wanna hold back. Never make a drastic changes:

Based on someone else. The saying may go that words will never hurt us, but they can be very powerful. Just one little comment from someone can throw us off our confidence game and have us questioning our appearance. When this happens, instead of questioning your look first, start by asking yourself why the comment might have been thrown your way, and you'll often find you're on the receiving end of a thoughtless remark or an unhappy person trying to rain on your parade.

Based on a breakup. How many times have we seen movies or reality shows where a nasty breakup triggers a reinvention of someone's look from head to toe? We get the motivation might be to start anew or even make your ex miss what they could have had, but do you really want to base an entire new look off of a person? Don't let something negative be your makeover inspiration.

Based on a whim. This might be the absolute worse way to trigger a new look. You're sitting around one day, and the idle time or maybe that extra glass of wine inspires you to grab the scissors or throw out all your favorite red lip shades. Don't let a random thought force you to live with the ramifications well after it's come and gone.

Based on a trend. You see a look become increasingly popular among celebrities, women on the street, your friends, and you think it's time to jump right on the band wagon. Stop right there. Ask yourself; do I even like this trend? Am I cool with looking similar to everyone else? And how can I rock this trendy look and still make it my own? Remember, not every trend demands your attention.

Based on us. We know as professional beauty junkies, we can quickly become influencers. And fear not, we won't ever steer you wrong when it comes to knowing the latest and greatest news. But with the beauty world fast becoming a beauty universe, there's only so much that anyone can absorb. Pick and choose what applies to you and read the rest for fun.

What other reasons would stop you from getting a makeover? Tell us with a note below!