5 Natural Remedies For Winter Skin & Hair To Stay Super Soft In The Cold Months Part 2
So the cold has hit, but that doesn't mean your skin has to take a hit in the hydrating department. Even we here at BWN sometimes struggle to keep every limb soft and supple. The cold air just loves sucking the moisture out of everyone. But fear not! sometimes the best way to fix a beauty dile...
Tips To Create The Perfect Bath Soak: How To Create Relaxing Stress-Free Pampering At Home Using Water Or Hydro Therapy Part 2
Never underestimate the power of a little H2O. Lapis Spa in the Fontainebleau Miami Beach knows about the benefits of hydro therapy all too well. Josie Feria, Director of Spa at Lapis has been schooling us on just how great a simple bath can be for skin and clearing your mind. If you missed Pa...
'No Hands' Massage Gaining Popularity in the UK
Looking for something less 'hands on?' The 'No Hands' massage is gaining momentum as an increasingly popular form of massage, especially in the UK. Why? Because of its reputation as a deeper massage for the client, as well as reducing the common occupational injury of painful wrists for the th...
Beat The Blues: Surge In Online Beauty Treatment Bookings Made On Sunday To Fight 'I Hate Mondays'
Why are Mondays always the hardest? Turns out beauty junkies everywhere cope the same way. Many are beating the Monday blues by spending their Sunday evening booking beauty treatments online. Genius!

Post Super Bowl Pampering: Unwind With Epsom Salts & Create Your Own Spa Bowl
Now that the big Super Bowl party is over, recover this coming weekend by gathering your girlfriends for a Spa Bowl and enjoy some goold old-fashioned pampering. From "Polished Pedicure Punts" to a "First-Down Facial," the Spa Bowl celebrates the end of the NFL season, the beauty junkie way. Each...
Beauty DIY: Hot Towel Treatment
Fall is in full swing, and with it, our mission to keep skin pampered and pristine. The struggle to hold onto moisture for your mug is like a tug of war between your face and the harsh cold and wind. But don't let the elements grab your glow. To help keep skin radiant and healthy, bring the spa home...
Indulge, Relax, and Unwind With Discount Treatments During Spa Week, Oct. 14-20
Ready for a week full of pampering? The time has finally come when millions of overworked and overstressed consumers can relax, decompress and indulge, guilt-free! National Spa Week has officially kicked off (October 14th-20th) with hundreds of spas, wellness locations and fitness centers offering f...
Spa Week to Offer $50 Signature Treatments in October
It's that wonderful time of year again to take advantage of your fave beauty treatment! Spa Week is back for the fall with $50 signature treatments for junkies almost everywhere.
Brazilian Wax: Meet the Inventor of the Sexiest Style Around
Meet the inventor of the Brazilian Bikini Wax! We sat down with Noemi Grupenmager, founder of Uni K Wax Centers to learn more about the art of waxing, it's history, and some of the most requested services people come in to get. Learn about Noemi's signature green wax and get all the tips you need ...


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