Looking for something less 'hands on?'

The 'No Hands' massage is gaining momentum as an increasingly popular form of massage, especially in the UK.

Why? Because of its reputation as a deeper massage for the client, as well as reducing the common occupational injury of painful wrists for the therapist too. 

The Belmore Centre's specialist masseur, Michelle Callan, masters the unique technique using the forearms, elbows, knees and even the top of her head!

Without the use of her hands she is able to relax, rejuvenate and kneed her client's body to alleviate any client injuries, aches or pains. The table is often slightly lowered to achieve the best angle whether it's massaging the hips, shoulder, back or stomach.

"What separates this from a conventional massage is the fact it reaches deeper into the muscle using slow movements so you can generally feel the benefits long after your treatment," the therapist explained to Beauty4Media. 

There are three main methods in performing the no hands massage consisting of structural, nurturing, and relaxing. 

Structural is a faster moving massage, getting the blood flowing round the body to feel more energized, awake and ready for going back to a busy environment. Nurturing is generally for people who are recovering from illness. This is a fairly emotional approach, to release any worries, upsets or angry pent up feelings. Relaxing is a deep, slow and rhythmic massage to relax the muscles and mind. The speed gradually increases overtime and then curtails to a slow ending.

"Beauty centers need to be able to offer a variety of massages whether it be hot-stones to deep tissue massage to aromatherapy to cater for all client needs," explained Caron Vetter, MD of the Belmore Center.

"Massage is being used in a number of clinical areas and the positive effects are ultimately endless.  No hands massage is proving to be extremely popular."

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