Why are Mondays always the hardest? Here's a little advice to keep in mind over the weekend to fight those 'I hate Mondays.'

Turns out beauty junkies everywhere cope the same way. Many are beating the Monday blues by spending their Sunday evening booking beauty treatments online. Genius!

According to the latest findings from TreatmentSaver.com, the site has seen a surge in traffic and appointment bookings on Sundays since January, usually in the late afternoon and early evening. There has also been a steep rise in appointment bookings for non-surgical body contouring treatments over the past 8 weeks, such as Vaser, which is a popular body contouring treatment.

Dr Ganesh Rao, founder of Treatment Saver believes that the surge in appointment bookings reflects a focus on getting the perfect beach body in time for the summer as well as tackling the common work blues associated with the first few months of the year.

"By the end of March, many people have achieved some weight loss via dieting and exercise, but have noticed that certain areas aren't responding in the way they'd like. They feel a little unmotivated as they've got their sights set on achieving that perfect body ready for the summer," he explained.

We have to say that aside from dieting and eating right, this is an incredibly smart way to get into summer shape, plus fight those pesky Monday blues! Why didn't we think of this sooner? The start of the week can be such a drag, but with a spa, salon, or beauty treatment booked for that day, every Monday will feel like Friday!

"Spurred on by the progress they've made so far, they go in search of non-invasive solutions that could help them get over that final hurdle."

April is a popular time for making bookings for non-surgical treatments such as Vaser as it allows sufficient time for consultation, treatment and recovery time before the summer season begins."

Are you ready to book a beauty treatment to help you get through Monday like us? Tell us with a note below!