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Tips To Create The Perfect Bath Soak: How To Create Relaxing Stress-Free Pampering At Home Using Water Or Hydro Therapy Part 2

ByKim West
Nov 17, 2014 12:11 AM EST

Never underestimate the power of a little H2O. Lapis Spa in the Fontainebleau Miami Beach knows about the benefits of hydro therapy all too well.

Josie Feria, Director of Spa at Lapis has been schooling us on just how great a simple bath can be for skin and clearing your mind.

If you missed Part One, click here. Now read on for more relaxing tips:

Closing Your Eyes. It is important to close your eyes during the bath to enter deep relaxation, so anything that forces you to keep your eyes closed is great. 

Try cold cucumbers, an icy compress or eye pads which have been soaked in chilled chamomile tea.

Bath Salts. Tough workout? Bath salts are like external muscle relaxants.

If you have soreness, pain or swelling, bath salts reduce inflammation, stiffness, help detoxify skin, and increase circulation which helps to ease tension and revitalize the body.

Candles. Bright bathroom lights tell your body its go-time - not bath time. Instead, light a few candles and place them around the room and on the edge of the tub.

Cold Water. If you've set your water temp right (somewhere between steamy and very warm), you should be feeling quite toasty in the tub. 

A warm bath raises your body's core temperature, so you'll start sweating. Before getting into the tub, set a bowl of ice water and a washcloth next to you and use it as a cold compress on your forehead or the nape of your neck to help keep you refreshed throughout the bath time. 

"I also grab a tall bottle of San Pellegrino and force myself to drink the whole thing to hydrate," Feria dished.

Ready to draw that bath? Tell us which tips you're taking with a note below!

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