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How to Clean Makeup Brushes: The Lazy Girl’s Guide
How to Clean Makeup Brushes: The Lazy Girl's Guide
How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Here are easy ways to do it.
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The Nitty-Gritty Guide: How to Clean a Makeup Brush in 4 Steps
Do you clean your makeup brushes? If not, are you ready to know what's living inside them?
Foundation That Adds 10 Years, Common Mistakes in Application
Foundation might be making the complexion appear older if not used correctly
How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes The Right Way Part 1
Why are women avoiding the makeup brush cleanse? We sat down with Anisa Telwar-Kaicker, founder and CEO of Anisa International to find out why it's so important to clean these essential beauty tools.
The Importance of Cleaning Makeup Brushes & Why Women Don't Do It
A recent survey of women just released by Anisa International found 39% of women who use makeup brushes don't clean them even once a month. Even worse, 22% admitted never cleaning them at all.
How To Break Bad Beauty Habits: Get Skin Clear & Look Younger By Summer
Skipping a few hours of sleep, forgetting to wash your face before bed, not apply sunscreen everyday all seem so innocent right? But odds are, at least one of these habits in your daily routine are the cause of breakouts, crow's feet, flakey or discolored skin. Fortunately, the fixes are simple! By ...
IT Cosmetics Releases Limited Edition Holiday Makeup Brush Collections
IT Cosmetics has released the perfect gift for moms, daughters, sisters, friends, and every makeup maven in between. Beauty tools of the trade are always on someone's holiday wish list, so consider these sets as the pretty little present to make their holiday. Who doesn't want to indulge in some qua...
Editor's Picks: Beauty World Editor, Kim West Shares Her Weekly Favorites
Another Monday is upon us Beauty World Newsers. And this week, we take things down in size. No makeup bag is complete without a few favorite minis. Those teeny little essentials you'd be lost without. So I've decided to share my tiny terrific three. Take a look through the slideshow and let me know ...


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