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My Yummy Brush Collection: Ultimate Edition
(Photo : Danessa Myricks Beauty)

Danessa Myricks Beauty and Mykitco have announced the launch of their collaborative project, the My Yummy Brush Collection.

This new collection features five distinct brush sets, each designed to cater to different makeup application needs. It aims to provide both professional makeup artists and enthusiasts with high-quality tools to elevate their artistry.

The collection includes:

1. Eye Edition (12-Brush Set) - $175

This set is specifically curated for eye makeup, featuring brushes designed to create a variety of looks, from sultry smoky eyes to delicate daytime glam.

2. Face Edition (17-Brush Set) - $275

Focused on the face, this set includes brushes for contouring, highlighting, and blending. The tools are designed for tasks ranging from applying foundation to bronzer.

3. Ultimate Edition (40-Brush Set) - $450

A comprehensive set intended for versatility and excellence in makeup application. It includes brushes for detailed work as well as blending.

4. Starter Edition (10-Brush Set) - $175

Ideal for beginners, this set includes essential brushes for mastering basic makeup techniques, from creating a flawless base to subtle eye accents.

5. Detail Edition (11-Brush Set) - $150

This set is designed for detailed work, featuring brushes that are perfect for fine lines and subtle accents.

The brush sets are available for purchase on Danessa Myricks Beauty's official website, Sephora's online store, and in Sephora retail locations.

Danessa Myricks, founder of Danessa Myricks Beauty, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, highlighting the synergy between the two brands in their approach to creating for their community. 

Celebrity makeup artist James Molloy, co-founder of Mykitco, also shared his enthusiasm, noting that the collaboration was born from their mutual respect for each other and the makeup community. 

Danessa Myricks Beauty, known for products like the viral Blurring Balm, partnered with Molloy to create this collection. 

The collaboration aims to bring professional-grade tools to a broader audience, reflecting both brands' commitment to quality and innovation.

The collection is expected to attract a wide range of customers, from professional makeup artists to everyday users looking for reliable and high-performing tools.