How to Clean Makeup Brushes: The Lazy Girl’s Guide
(Photo : Laura Chouette / Unsplash)

Makeup brushes play a significant role in our makeup routine. With the right foundation brush, you can achieve a smooth and streak-free finish.

But not all foundations brushes produce results you want, so researching makeup brushes made with good quality fibers is necessary. 

While premium brushes often come with a hefty price tag, there are some brands that offer foundation brushes of amazing quality at a decent price. Check them out below.

NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation Brush

NYX is a well-known brand in the affordable makeup realm, offering amazing products at prices that won't break the bank. One of them is the NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation Brush, which is priced at only $15. 

The Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation Brush is made of vegan hairs specifically designed for pigmented foundations, ensuring a flawless and streak-free result.

The brush has dense bristles, allowing for an ideal amount of foundation to be applied to the skin instead of sticking to the brush when product is picked up.

Another feature is its angled brush, which helps with defining edges and contouring the face.

Real Techniques Expert Face Makeup Brush

Another affordable brush to potentially add to your makeup bag is the Real Techniques Expert Face Makeup Brush.

This brush can be purchased at Target for less than $10 and comes with a pretty pink handle and a simple buffing brush head.

Due to the brush's domed shape, you can easily buff and blend your foundation, whether for light or heavy coverage.

The Real Techniques brush is ideal for cream and liquid formulas and will give you the even texture you are looking for.

E.l.f. Buffing Foundation Brush

Available at only $8, this e.l.f. brush may be your next go-to foundation brush.

It is designed to mimic the shape of fingers for precise contouring and blending of your base makeup.

Unlike other foundation brushes, this one can be used for other products, such as concealer or powder, if you prefer a powder foundation over a liquid one.

This foundation brush is recommended for those who want to cover up their blemishes, as it won the Teen Vogue Acne Awards 2018 winner for best foundation applicator.

Morphe M707 3/4 Oval Foundation Blending Brush

Unlike other foundation brushes, this one has a flatter appearance, ideal for those who want coverage with a natural finish.

The brush's bristles have soft fibers for a smooth application, allowing you to easily apply the product and reach those challenging edges on the face.

The Morphe M707 3/4 Oval Foundation Blending Brush has a small oval tip for blending foundation or concealer under the eyes.

With 4.2 stars on Ulta Beauty's website, this brush is loved by many makeup lovers.