(Photo : Pexels/ RDNE Stock project)
Every makeup user needs the right brushes in their makeup bag, as they are essential tools for applying shadows and various powders.

Makeup brushes are available in many places, including Ulta Beauty, Amazon, and Sephora, either as individual pieces or sets.

However, not everyone knows which brushes are needed for each step in the makeup routine. Depending on what kind and how much makeup you wear, you might need some specific brushes.

Below are some makeup brushes to buy and their different uses.

Highlighting Brush

One brush you must learn about and invest in is the highlighting brush, a feathered tool designed to lightly apply your highlighter.

Although most apply highlighter using their fingers or beauty blenders, some prefer using the brush as it's easier and applies the product smoothly and evenly.

Highlighter brushes are readily available for affordable prices, especially on sites like Amazon.

Angled Kabuki Brush

One brush many people might not be aware of is the angled kabuki brush, which features a head designed to hug the curves of the face.

The kabuki brush is specifically made for applying creams and powders, as it allows you to blend the product more easily and distribute it evenly across the areas of focus.

This brush is multi-functional as, in addition to foundation, you can use it for blush and bronzer since the angle allows you to reach the spots on the cheek where you want to apply product.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

When it comes to eyeshadows, everyone should get themselves a blending brush to smooth out harsh edges and blend colors.

The blending brush is fluffier compared to most brushes, as the hairs are meant to help lightly brush and blend your eyeshadow.

We reccomend using this brush after applying your eyeshadows, lightly brushing a lighter shade on the edges to blend the colors, especially if you are using dark colors. By doing this technique, you are combining the colors and helping the dark shades look less aggressive on your eyes.

Concealer Brush

Beauty blenders can blend concealer for a natural look, but not everyone finds them convenient or unhygienic.

A concealer brush is preferred by many as it comes in a brush shape that helps you efficiently apply concealer to your undereye section or any points of the face you want to conceal.

Thicker concealers are easier to blend seamlessly into the skin when using this type of brush.

Since many women also use concealers to hide their blemishes, this brush serves that purpose well. You can lightly dab the concealer on top of your blemish or dark spot, either by applying directly and blending or putting it on the brush and then dabbing the tool on the skin.