The side effects of not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly can harm your skin, yet 39% of women who use makeup brushes do not clean them even once a month! 

So why are women avoiding the makeup brush cleanse? We sat down with Anisa Telwar-Kaicker, founder and CEO of Anisa International, to find out why it's so important to clean these essential beauty tools.

Is it really that important to clean your makeup brushes? Why?

Our skin is a vital part of our overall well being so it's important to keep it healthy. Many women don't realize the correlation between healthy skin and cleaning makeup brushes. In addition to overall hygiene and skincare, regular cleaning protects your beauty tool investment and maximizes the effectiveness of your makeup products.

What are the dangers in not cleaning your makeup brushes?

Over time makeup product residue and dead skin can collect on brushes to create a breeding ground for bacteria. Additionally, dirty brush fibers can't pick up makeup properly and can affect the application of your product. A dirty brush can trigger blemishes and impact your ability to create a certain makeup look.

Is there really a difference between drugstore brushes and designer brushes?

Quality and longevity can vary at different price points. Less expensive brushes often do not regain the same shape after cleaning. The hair quality and design of a brush often lasts much longer at higher price points.

How much should we invest in makeup brushes?

According to our recent survey, 60% of women who have purchased a makeup brush have spent $10 or more on a single brush, while a quarter have spent $20 or more. Many of us spend a lot on our makeup products, but the product performance can be significantly impacted by the tool you use for application. You should invest in a brush just as you would in your makeup. 

More tips on how to properly clean your brushes properly tomorrow!

This article was originally published on Fashion Times