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Kim Kardashian Skin Care: CO2 Laser Therapy & PRP Facials Gain Popularity Part 2
So we already know why reality star Kim Kardashian does the vampire and PRP Facial, ut just how do they work together? Our Q&A continues with Dr. Martin:
Kim Kardashian Skin Care: CO2 Laser Therapy & PRP Facials Gain Popularity Part 1
The thought of using one's own blood to conduct a Vampire Facial may seem a bit too creepy. But the trend that started with Kim Kardashian is not dying out. In fact, women are now platelet rich plasma therapy to combat acne scarring, a blight that affects 50% of adult women.
New Push-Up Jeans Promise a Bigger Butt, Flatter Tummy, And No More Muffin Top
The obsession for the perfect butt just got, dare we say, a little bigger. Consider this new innovation before you go for the butt injections. Want a killer rear in a sizzling hot pair of jeans? You're fashion prayers have been answered. Move over Kim Kardashian!
Professional Makeup Artist Jerome Alexander Explains How To Highlight & Contour Your Face Like A Pro
You know the feeling you get when you see a goregous mug on the street and think, "now why can't my makeup turn out like that?!" To some, applying makeup may come naturally. To others, applying it may be a foreign art form they have yet to master. We have a few secret techniques given to us b...
Female Hair Loss & Thinning From Extensions: How To Regrow Hair, Edges, Hairline & Make Hair Healthier
If you love to wear extensions, we don't blame you. But you gotta take precautions to maintain your own hair. Even some celebs are learnng this the hard way, with Kim Kardashain suffering from hair loss due to the pull of extensions she had in. We talked about what makes extensions dangerous yest...
Kim Kardashian Hair: How Traction Alopecia Can Damage Edges, Hairline & Cause Female Hair Loss
Kim Kardashian recently displayed shocking hair loss after relying on extensions to boost her post-pregnancy thinning locks. Extensions are definitely a great way to boost your locks and liven up your look, but even Kim! Isn't immune to their drawbacks. How do you lose hair from hair extension...
Kanye West Spent Four Days Perfecting Kim Kardashian Wedding Instagram Photo
There is no denying Kimye's first kiss photo is perfect, but it took awhile to get there! Kanye West revealed what went on behind the scenes at the Cannes Lions' International Festival of Creativity's "Technology, Culture and Consumer Adoption: Learning to Read the Cultural Landscape" panel Tuesday.
Try The Trend: Shapewear For A Slimmer Figure And Smaller Waist?
But is shapewear just skin-deep? Are there any positive, long-term benefits? According to Vera Watkins, founder of Vera Vasi Shapewear, the answer is yes. Few people know more about the cosmetic changes and health benefits obtainable from wearing compression garments than Watkins. For decades, he...
Marilyn Monroe’s Lips & The Smoky Eye Voted Most Iconic Beauty Trends Of All Time
Marilyn Monroe's siren red lips have been voted the most iconic beauty trend of all time. The Hollywood sex symbol sported the striking bright pout during the 1950s and 1960s, but most famously in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch. Monroe's look was later copied by Robert Palmer's backing singers...
Butt Implants 101: Get The Real Deal On Buttocks Augmentation From An Expert, Pt. 2
And now for Part 2 of our interview with Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Gregory Wiener on butt augmentations. Get all the details straight from an expert:
Butt Implants 101: Get The Real Deal On Buttocks Augmentation From An Expert, Pt. 1
With the craze for a bigger butt going into overdrive among women, we decided to tap expert Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Gregory Wiener for a special interview on the details involved once women opt to go under the knife. With the amount of women getting butt implants up 58...
'Selfie' Culture of Social Media Helping To Increase The Number of Women Getting Plastic Surgery
So we've given you tips on how to take the best selfie, but new research warns these innocent little pictures could be doing more harm than good. Many Psychology experts believe the art of the selfie is way more than just a photograph. These fun-filled posts have the power to do one of two things...
Butt Injections Cost: Expert Tips On The Price of Butt Injections & The Risks
With celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian making the belfie (butt selfie) famous, there's been more and more talk of the ever popular butt injections among women who desire a fuller derrière. But (no pun intended), the procedure isn't exactly a quick fix, as some have unfortunately found...
How To Beat A Bad Hair Day: Tips From Celebrity Stylist Josue Perez
Suffering from frizz, damages ends, flat tresses, or just plain boring hair? End your bad hair days with these great tips from Celebrity Stylist Josue Perez. Check out what the hair care guru had to tell us are his secrets to kissing bad hair days goodbye for good!
Beauty Tips For Busy Moms: 5 Ways To Keep Skin Healthy & Glowing
The new moms of Hollywood like Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, and Jessica Simpson make it all look easy (glam squads often do that), but having a bundle of new baby joy can throw a major wrench in your once pristine skin care routine. When your day is consumed with spit-up, school drop-offs and soccer...
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