We've all seen it by now, Kim Kardashian West went blonde - really blonde - with a double process she debuted today at the Balmain Paris Fashion Week show!
Cutler Salons Senior Stylist, Rachel Bodt, is known for creating some very notable bleached blondes, so we had to get her opinion on this one!

Do you remember Karlie Kloss in Vogue last year, bleach blonde and on a beach? That was Rachel. She's the one to go to if you're a model or a starlet in NYC and want to be blonde.  So when she saw Kim - she fell in love. Here is why:

The Tone. The color is cool and icy which perfectly compliments Kim's cool, olive skin. Cool-on-cool is important according to Bodt - "if the color was a warm blonde, even if it was double processed, the warm and cool colors sitting next to each other would be far too contrasting and jarring to the eye," Bodt said.

The Metamorphosis. "This color takes her from fun, traditionally pretty, Kardashian girl to seriously cool fashion 'it-girl' status," the expert explained. Gone is the long, dark, perfectly curled hair.

"Kim is shedding her old self with some serious shock value! It's about taking her beauty in a different direction and showing us that beauty isn't always conventional and safe. It's edgy, downtown, strong," Bodt said. 

The Timing. "To debut this look at the Balmain show during Paris Fashion Week is everything! It's so much more impactful this way. Kim is proving that she is part of the fashion scene. No doubt Kanye had something to say about this one!"

The Status. A double process on someone with dark, and chemically colored, hair is not a sustainable one. This is about proving that she can do it and be someone with it. "Its a statement making look, but I can only imagine she will have it for a brief period of time. 

This color requires being in the salon every 2-4 weeks, at least." That is a lot of time and money to commit to a style - but Kim has the resources and team, she's making the most of it!

This article was originally published on Fashiontimes.com