Beauty Review: The Kim Kardashian Skin Care Laser Therapy & Facial Is Put To The Test

Wanna know if Kim Kardashian's skin care routine is really worth a try? Check out what celebrity stylist Erin experienced when she tried it for herself:

So Erin, how did you discover Kim K's secret of CO2 Laser Therapy and PRP Treatments?

I had heard about laser for years. But I always thought it was out of my price range. So I thought about it and researched it.  Then I met Devin Stone, my boyfriend, who offered new methods of combining PRP with CO2, something I never heard of. 

Lucky you! What type of skin do you have and what do you think triggers your acne?

I have a varied combination of skin. My acne started when I was 18 years old I believe due to hormones and stress. By the time I was 19 I had severe cystic acne. I tried everything from steroids, peels, light therapies, everything. Nothing worked until this.

How often do you have the procedure performed? What is your typical skin care routine these days?

I had the procedure done 5 times. Once a month for 5 months.  My skin care regimen is Cetaphil face wash and lotion, along with a monthly CLINICell Beauty IV Drip to give my body the nutrients it needs.  I also use a Franks Body Scrub once a week for exfoliating. 

What about the procedure works for you? How soon did you see results?

The procedure is quick, a lot less painful than peels or extractions.  Honestly, my makeups, treatments, and everything I did in the past cost a lot more in comparison. I saw results after the first treatment. After the 5th, my skin is perfect. Kim isn't the only one!

Would you recommend this procedure to others? Why?

Absolutely, having clear skin has changed my life. When I go on trips now I never bring make-up. It changed my life and the addition of PRP truly enhanced the procedure compared to any before and after photos I saw at other Dr. Offices.

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