You know the feeling you get when you see a goregous mug on the street and think, "now why can't my makeup turn out like that?!"

To some, applying makeup may come naturally. To others, applying it may be a foreign art form they have yet to master. 

We have a few secret techniques given to us by beauty pro Jerome Alexander that will step up anyone's makeup game. Alexander is the author of Be Your Own Makeup Artist, a step-by-step instructions on makeup artistry. 

The first tip this makeup maven has for us is all about contouring. And after reality star Kim Kardashian made the art of contouring famous with that epic selfie, everyone's been trying to get this chiseled glow ever since.

Obviously contouring is all about narrowing the nose, creating artificial light that makes your face glow, hollowing the cheeks and chiseling cheekbones.

But Alexander says the key is to create illusions. "Contouring and highlighting is the key to the creation of illusions, but before you start marking your face it's important to know your face shape and how exactly to contour appropriately," the expert instructed.

"Use a darker shade of foundation or concealer to contour and a lighter shade to highlight. Dark things look smaller and appear to recede while light colors look larger and appear to come forward which gives the face a more contoured look," Alexander explained.

And his ultimate pro tip when it comes to contouring?

"Blend, blend, blend! Don't just stop at your jaw line - which creates an artificial mask like look. Blending should continue under the chin and on the neck," Alexander said. Nothing comes in more handier in these beauty moments than the cult classic Beauty Blender ($20).

Ready for the next tip? Look out for it early next week!

Do you higlight and contour? Tell us your technique with a note below!