Kim Kardashian always looks flawless, whether she's out for a walk with her baby girl or she's partying in Ibiza.

So the big question is: how is her makeup always on point?

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star, 33, has a glam squad on hand 24 hours a day to help her look immaculate. One key cog in Kim's well-oiled machine is her make-up artist and old friend, Mario Dedivanovic.

Dedivanovic, who was the man that made sure she was picture-perfect for her and Kanye West's nuptials last year, has shared his latest techniques behind perfecting Kim's contoured look.

Speaking to Grazia Middle East, Dedivanovic shared his top tips for defining Kim's eyes, creating a flawless base and revealed how he gives her those glossy lips.

He explained that to play up the drama of Kim's eyes, he uses a darker shade along her eye crease and a really light one to highlight her brow bone.

Kardashian apparently loves wearing golden hues along her bottom lash and he uses liquid eyeliner 'winged up and out' to complete the look.

Although she's one of the world's wealthiest stars who could have her pick of the most high-end products, Kardashian is happiest when Dedivanovic uses drugstore brands.

To give her lashes volume, he sweeps on two coats of L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.

Revealing the key secret behind her famously contoured cheekbones, he says he swears by Giella Eye M Glam Highlighter - a sheer highlighting powder he created for the brand. He claims it gives you the most gorgeous, natural golden glow thanks to the pure and natural mineral pigments that diffuse light and make the skin look more luminous.

The multi-purpose product, which costs £23 ($35), can be used on the inner corners of eyes to separate and brighten them, on the brow bone to highlight and lift. It can also be mixed with moisturiser for all-over glow and mixed with water for a stronger application around the eyes.

While you can use his product anywhere - even on the body - he is adamant that application is key.

"Always use a beauty blender sponge to blend in the layers of the product,' he advises. 'I apply some along her cheek bones to give a dewy effect, on the bridge of her nose and Cupid's bow and I also sweep it along her decolletage, shoulders and arms," he added.

If that wasn't enough contouring, he also applies it to the inner corners of her eyes to "brighten and open" them.

The makeup expert likes to user higher-end products to play up Kardashian's lips, opting for nude tones by Lancome finished with a slick of gloss in a similar hue.

"To keep Kim looking fresh from day to evening, I use TATCHA Blotting Papers, which keep the skin from getting muddy in the heat," he revealed.

Dedivanovic, who met Kardashian on a make-up shoot in New York more than five years ago, said despite the global audience at the E! star's wedding in 2014, he wasn't nervous about the very important role he played in her wedding.