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DIY T-Shirt Tutorial [VIDEO]: YouTube Sensation Kandee Johnson Creates the Perfect Shirt No Sew
Quirky YouTube sensation Kandee Johnson is back! This time she is showing us different ways to cut up old t-shirts in her latest DIY project.
Lemon Sugar Scrub DIY [VIDEO]: The Homemade Remedy That Fights Acne, Age Spots, and More
Why must summer, the season we love, bring us oily skin and sunspots? Well if you thought your only solution was to sit in front of the air conditioner or pout, there's a beauty remedy for your summer breakouts.
Flashback Friday [VIDEO]: Rosie the Riveter Hair Tutorial, How to Do a Retro Pin-Up with a Bandanna or Scarf
Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon in the United States. She was the symbol that represented the American women who worked in factories during World War II, she stood for feminism and women's economic power.
Makeup Artist Secrets Revealed [VIDEO]: Finally Get Flawless Skin
Let's face it we live in the world of social media where we are snapping pictures of ourselves daily. However, the camera never lies and usually manages to point out some of out biggest flaws.
Getting Ready for the Beach with Kandee Johnson [VIDEO]: Prepare Your List of Must Haves for a Day in the Sun
Summer is here. The season of perfect tans, smooth skin, and endless fun in the sun. But boy, the work a girl's gotta do to pull off this effortless look is major! From hair, makeup, the bikini, and sun-kissed bod, how do we even start to get ready?
Sock Bun How to Video: Put a Spin on Your Bun with the Donut Updo
It is typical when styling your hair in an updo to resort to the classic ballerina bun, but luckily for us Kandee Johnson has a tutorial on how to put a spin on the classic bun.
Temporary Lip Tattoos: Get the Perfect Lips For Any day of the Week [VIDEO]
Okay so we maybe we are a bit late but we love these temporary lip tattoos and we just adore the finish that comes along with Violent Lip Temporary Lip Tattoos.


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