Anne Hathaway

250 Most Beautiful Women In The World Ever
There are many beautiful women all over the world that deserve recognition for being the definition of the very word. Some of those who are found on this list are starting to make their own names in their chosen paths or those who have become a head-turner for the things they support.
Love It Or Leave It: Alicia Keys Cuts Hair Again
So the decision is split on this one, but love it or leave it, singer Alicia Keys has again cut her hair. If you haven't heard, short hair is where it's at for 2013. And the wet of the pixie is in full-fledged force. So many stars have gone scissor happy and let this style crop up top to their cr...
The Power of the Pixie: Celebrity Short Cuts We Love
OK so 2013 is clearly a year for taking the plunge and making the big chop. Stars have been doing it left and right ever since January, as the itch to snip has spread like wildfire in Tinsletown. Click thorugh the slideshow to check out some of the stars whose short pixies cuts we love the most and ...
Round vs. Square: What's the Best Way to Nail It?
With nails being the next best accessory to an outfit or hairstyle, it's no wonder choosing a shape can often be, dare we say, a nail biting experience. Before the polish, stripes, dots, jewels, and glitter, the right nail silhouette can make or break a nail. Thankfully, there's no right or wrong te...
Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway Nail Artist Tom Bachik: Talks Tips, Trends and Tutorials From 2013 Cannes Film Festival [VIDEO]
Tom Bachik, who is the nail stylist to many starlets including Anne Hathaway, Zooey Deschanel and Jennifer Lopez, is still busy navigating the world of nail art. He gives some great pointers on trends
Vera Wang: Designer Talks Celebrities, Says Dealing With Stars is Like 'Having Your Guts Ripped Out'
Vera Wang is a name known throughout the fashion industry. Recently the famous designer spoke with WWD Magazine about what it is like to be a celebrity designer.
Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway Nail Artist: Secrets on Perfecting Manicures, Spring Nail Trends - VIDEO
Tom Bachik, nail artist to the stars, likes to create memorable nails that match a celebrity's personality rather than her public image. Having taken care of the cuticles of today's favorite starlets from Zooey Deschanel to Jennifer Lopez, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to finger...
Best Red Lipstick: Choose Yours With Makeup Artist Frances Hathaway
Red lips are an essential component to a woman's makeup repetoire. The go-to shade for a head-turning, all eyes on you moment, red lipstick is classic and will never go our of style. While trendy and seasonal shades come and go, your red lipstick is the mainstay in makeup bags and purses worldwide...
Anne Hathaway Apologizes for Wearing Prada to the Oscars
Anne Hathaway apologizes for wearing Prada to the 2013 Oscars instead of her staple Valentino.


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