Tom Bachik, who is the nail stylist to many starlets including Anne Hathaway, Zooey Deschanel and Jennifer Lopez, is still busy navigating the world of nail art.

He gives some great pointers on trends and perfecting nails to Popsugar Beauty while preparing to dazzle the world at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.  When he creates a must-have nail look, it is always a collaborative process with that particular celebrity.

Bachik likes to be hands on, sitting down with a celebrity client, his or her hairstylist and makeup artist. Most starlets have dreamed up a creative nail art idea already so Bachik uses that as a foundation.

He makes sure to cater to the particular occassion, whether it is a red-carpet awards ceremony or star-studded wedding. Naturally, he must also consider the client's gown and the feeling that she gets when wearing it.

At this year's Cannes Film Festival, the gowns were both classic and chic with a simplistic appeal. But every good ensemble needed an accompanying killer makeup look so Bachik has to also think about whether the celebrity is going to rock smoking eyes and muted lipstick or a clean face and dark lips.

Then, the fun begins in creating artistic and perfect nails. He can easily decorate nails to complement the gown and makeup for a matching allure or bring about a bold, contrasting flavor.  

"There's no in-between," he said. "You have to be almost completely matchy or completely opposite so that the nails really pop and complete the overall look." 

He added that nails are the newest fashion accessory, and people should have fun with it and make sure that it complements what they wear. You don't have to commit to any one look so try everything from the chic sophiscation of full coverage nude nails for a daytime flair to the sexy glamour of rich, deep toned talons for your nighttime bar crawl.

And if you're wondering if nail art is here to stay, the answer is yes!

We can get in on all the nail fun by flipping through fashion magazines or photos and re-creating celebs nail looks in our spare time, he said. 

For better, healthier nails, hydration is key so stock up on the cuticle oil.

Moisturization is important, too. Revitalift is a great product, he said, which many people use not only on their facial skin, but their hands to even skin tone and reinvigorate their aging hands. And make sure to use something with SPF in it, too.

Check out the clip below!