OK so 2013 is clearly a year for taking the plunge and making the big chop. Stars have been doing it left and right ever since January, as the itch to snip has spread like wildfire in Tinsletown. Click thorugh the slideshow to check out some of the stars whose short pixies cuts we love the most and let us know what you think with a comment below.

So what's making so many starlets scissor happy? Well we've got a few theories of our own on this one.

First and foremost, it's super easy! A short, cropped, pixie cut is the simplest way to achieve stylish pizzazz that's paparazzi worthy. Long locks are great, but a short haircut can be perfectly coiffed in less than half the time! Whether a busy actress like Anne Hathaway or a busy everyday mom, this style is great for a woman on the go.

And talk about versatility. A short cut can go from daytime cute to nighttime chic in no time flat. While many assume short hair is the kiss of death when it comes to styling, this couldn't be further from the truth. Just like long hair, the possibilities are endless. Deep side parts, slicked back looks, tousled messy styles, blunt bangs, side bangs, and the beloved spiked up edgy look are just a few of the ways we've seen stars made this trendy hairstyle stay fresh and fabulous.

Speaking of fresh, perhaps this look has cropped up because many consider it a great way to debut a new start. Coming off the heels of her world tour, singer Beyonce revealed her blonde pixie to the world via Instagram. After years of extensions in her signature shade, Mrs. Carter shed her shoulder sweeping style for tresses that reach no further than her ears. A stunning surprise for us all.

And who can deny this reason to go super short when it comes to Miley Cyrus. The childhood star left behind her Disney days when she made the now sensational snip of her hair, to reveal a whole new Miley with a sassy short cut that has definitely help us all to see her in a whole new edgy light.

No matter what reason for going short, you can't deny this style is a super sleek way to achieve a head-turning makeover. What do you think? Are you planning to cut things short? 

Tell us below!