So the decision is split on this one, but love it or leave it, singer Alicia Keys has again cut her hair.

If you haven't heard, short hair is where it's at for 2013. And the power of the pixie is in full-fledged force. So many stars have gone scissor happy and let this style crop up to the top to their crowns, joining the ranks of Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus, Pink, and the queen of the short hairstyle, the one and only Halle Berry.

This latest look from Keys isn't the first time she's opted to trim things a bit. Her look at the Super Bowl earlier this year was stunning, with her super short tresses slicked back into a sassy side part that screamed sophistication. Keys made it known in December she planned to cut her hair again, and she's stuck to her makeover guns.

Now Alicia debuted her latest haircut on Good Morning America, and the reviews have definitely been mixed. From her diehard fans who love the look, to critics who say the new style is reminiscent of a bowl haircut, of even worse, Jim Carrey's classic comedic character from Dumb and Dumber, Keys' newest cut has caused a bit of a debate to crop up.

Lets take a look at this latest hairstyle. Compared to her original short cut, this look is definitely sharper, with blunt bangs and tapered sides that continue to fade to the back. The style is super short, but should still allow the star to play with styles and transform her look for every event, red carpet, and performance she is snapped for.

But no matter what the opinions of millions, however, Keys is pleased with her new 'do. Posting on Instagram, the star captioned a photo of herself looking in her dressing room mirror saying, "Versatility! I am having so much fun. Love and light to you all." A polite request to critics to pipe down perhaps? We'll let our readers decided.

So what's your take Beauty World Newsers? When it comes to Alicia Keys' latest haircut, is this crop more Love It or Leave It? Sound off below.