Vera Wang is a name known throughout the fashion industry. Recently the famous designer spoke with WWD Magazine about what it is like to be a celebrity designer.

Although Wang loves her line of work she finds that there is some difficulty when it comes to dealing with celebrities.

According to the Daily Mail, the moment the designer realizes a celebrity has shunned her design for another red carpet gown, she compares the feeling to "having your guts ripped out."

The 63-year old designer told the magazine, "I don't care what status of designer or what history you had or whether you're an emerging designer.".

"It's so painful not only to you, but your sewers, your staff, your assistants and P.R. people."

She added that "It's like having your guts ripped out of you because you've given it your all."

"I remember something Carolina Herrera said once that was so profound: 'You know, when you hurt me you're not just hurting me. I can take it. But everyone around me that gives up their life for me can't.'"

The Daily Mail reported that just last month Oscar Award winning actress Anne Hathaway apologized to Valentino after she decided on a last-minute dress change at for red carpet look.

According to the tabloid, "the 30-year-old, who won Best Supporting Actress, surprised onlookers when she arrived in a pale pink Prada gown hours after Valentino released a statement saying the French fashion house had dressed her for the event."

The actress explained that she "deeply regrets any disappointment caused" related to her decision to wear Prada.

Before arriving to the red carpet the actress caught wind of a rumor that her co-star Amanda Seyfried, planned to wear something similar to her original choice of a Valentino ensemble.

In response to last minute celebrity decision Wang said "It worries me a great deal."

"[I have] a lot of anxiety. Because I do care about what we put out there on such a public,

global platform."

On Monday night Wang was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the CFDA Awards.