Courtnei LeeCredit : Courtnei Lee

Founder of OYT Cosmetics, Courtnei Lee is taking the beauty industry by storm through her release of all-inclusive beauty products. As a transgender owned company, OYT Cosmetics is made to be LGBTQ+ friendly all year around.

Being a new driving force in the ever changing world of the beauty industry, Courtnei Lee has created a brand that is breaking down boundaries on all fronts. Launching her business by the name of OYT Cosmetics, Lee's passion for creating a brand with inclusivity for all was her motivation for launch after reflecting on her own personal experiences. 

Realizing and struggling with the market that was lacking products those of the LGBTQ+ community could use comfortably, Lee decided to take it upon herself to be the representation the community deserves.

"The forefront of starting my brand was to be able to make those products and resources available. Of course, I obviously want to create awareness as to why they're important and why they should be here in the first place," Lee says. "Here is a company that is laser focused. This is a community of people that have been through this, and - I think being able to create that space is my way of giving back, and to be able to give other transgender people these resources so that they have the ability to go and find things that I couldn't."

Lee's inspiration sparked from a trip to Sephora. As she was still male-presenting, Lee explains herself as being clueless when it came to the techniques and products available in the beauty and skincare industry. Through the help of a wonderful employee who sat down with Lee and walked her through everything she needed to know, Lee began her journey of discovery and exploration in the beauty world. "The respect and the validation that I felt from her was so empowering that when I walked out of there, I felt like myself. I didn't feel like somebody that was trapped in the wrong body, and at that moment, I didn't feel like somebody that was scared of transitioning or scared of the world," she remembers.

However, as she continued her journey through transitioning and experimentation with beauty, she quickly realized the lack of products designed to cater to the specific needs of, not just transgender people, but all LGBTQ+ people. Instead of waiting around for brands to become inclusive, Lee decided to take matters into her own hands and strived to be the brand that was safe and inclusive for all, especially those of the LGBTQ+ community. "It is terrifying to have to go through a process of hormone change where your skin is changing and breaking out and there's nothing that's being developed that can help you with that. There are some resources on our website that can help walk you through products as well," Lee says. 

Courtnei Lee (Photo : Courtnei Lee)

With a range of products spanning from foundation and eyeshadow - to lip products, Lee has specially curated her cosmetics to be safe for all skin types, no matter the situation. Taking inclusivity to the next level, each product is packed with high quality ingredients approved by Lee herself in order to release products that she feels one hundred percent confident in. 

"All of our liquid foundation shades are custom and it's something that we can put our stamp of approval on because we've gone back and forth through a strenuous process in order to make that happen, and we're really proud of them. I would never launch a product that I wasn't 100% confident in," Lee says, "I am completely involved in the formation of our products. I've spent thousands of dollars on foundation from makeup stores, and I took what I felt was missing from those and created it into my own, which is why I feel confident in these products." 

In addition to resources being available on her website, Lee's Instagram is also an informational place for people to go to in order to learn more about her journey and gain more insight into her movement, as well as her all inclusive makeup brand. 

While it is not just about her brand, it is about the movement behind her brand. OYT Cosmetics is inclusive all year long and is meant for people to not be ashamed to express themselves in whichever way they see fit. 

For more information, visit OYT Cosmetics, or visit Lee's Instagram to stay afloat on her movement and brand.