'The Walking Dead' Star Emily Kinney On Why Lauren Cohan's Maggie Is Not Looking For Her Sister Beth: 'She's Just Focused On Surviving'

Since Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) group were split into smaller units after The Governor (David Morrissey) attacked the prison back in Season 4, a number of "The Walking Dead" fans have noticed that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) was much more concerned on finding her husband Glenn (Steven Yeun) than Beth (Emily Kinney). And even if Daryl (Norman Reedus) told Maggie at Terminus that Beth was alive, the older Greene sibling still decided to join Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) in their group's road trip to Washington instead of searching for her little sister.

During Kinney's appearance on the "Talking Dead" right after the "Slabtown" episode was aired, host Chris Hardwick asked her why she thought Maggie had not set out to look for Beth.

"I don't know. I think Maggie is just focused on surviving," said the 29-year-old singer-actress as quoted by "They've all been through a lot and lost a lot of people, and I think she's just really focused on what she needs to do at the moment. So that's why...she hasn't really had a lot of time to like go..."

Hardwick interrupted, musing "You don't think Beth would be like, 'It's just like before the apocalypse. You care about your boyfriends more than your sister.'"

Kinney agreed, joking, "Yeah, I mean that kind of happens, doesn't that? I have an older sister, and I feel like I remember, yeah, she always cared about her boyfriend, you know. I sort of get it."

But speaking at San Diego Comic-Con in July, Cohan explained that one of Maggie's reasons of finding Glenn was the hope that Beth was with him, which totally makes sense since Maggie last saw his husband on the prison bus, and Beth was tasked at the time to get the kids on the vehicle.

"I think that Glenn along the line has been established as this watcher and caretaker of a lot of people," Cohan said at the annual entertainment convention, as quoted by Comic Book Resources. "He was taking the more dangerous missions for the good of the group and I think that what we'd hoped the audience would understand that if she finds him, that he would be with her and he would somehow be protecting everybody that had been lost when we ran out of the prison."

Earlier this month, Cohan talked to IGN and implied that Maggie is indeed too busy surviving to look for Beth. "It just becomes one actionable task after another," the 32-year-old British actress explained. "They were all separated and Maggie couldn't find Glenn. And so searching for him kept her alive and kept her going. And then it was getting out of the train car. Making weapons and escaping the immediate danger. And then when she gets out of the car it's about finding the next actionable task. It's a very Alcoholics Anonymous-type checklist they have."

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