Readers of "The Walking Dead" comic book series know that Glenn was killed by villain Negan in Issue 100. And while the TV adaptation is not an exact copy of the original source, executive producer David Alpert said last month that he cannot wait to introduce the antagonistic character to the hit AMC show.

In a recent interview with, Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn on the series, was asked about what he feels about the possible introduction of Negan to show.

"Are you dreading when Negan shows up on the show, or do you think that it's not worth worrying about because the odds are good they'd change it up anyway since doing a straight adaptation would be a bit predictable?" asked the comic-book focused news website.

"What I will say is, with someone like Negan, there's no way we're not going to have him on the show in some capacity either soon or later," answered the 30-year-old Korean American actor. "And I think that goes to show, [Robert] Kirkman wrote a great, great jumping-off point. Because of that, Scott [Gimple], who's helming the whole thing, is making sure to really tell the story in the right way. So there's no way we can avoid Negan and so for me personally, it's like, 'Bring him on. We'll see what happens.'

In an interview with AMC last month, Alpert said that Negan is much more evil than The Governor (David Morrissey).

"He is just like the coolest f-ing character on the planet," Alpert said. "You thought the Governor was bad news? Man, wait until you meet Negan! He's one of the greatest villains ever created. It's so exciting."

In fact, he has a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire which he called Lucille. This was the weapon he used to crush Glenn's skull, causing one of his eyes to pop out.

While there is no official announcement yet on whether the show will actually introduce Negan to the series, Kevin Durand reportedly revealed during a conference call for "The Strain" that he has been approached to play the comic book baddie, according to Nuke The Fridge.

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 premieres on Oct. 12 at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.