The first season of the "The Strain" wraps up Sunday, Oct. 5, and fans of the show can expect "some awesome action," according to Corey Stoll, who plays Dr. Eph Goodweather on the vampire horror drama created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

"There's... going to be some awesome action," Stoll told The Wall Street Journal. "We reached a real action peak with episode 8 at the gas station, and then it sort of slows down a little bit for a couple episodes. They made the story a little more intimate, and then we're really gearing up for the finale. I think audiences are really going to enjoy this last episode."

The 38-year-old actor who will star as villain Yellowjacket in the upcoming Marvel superhero film "Ant-Man," also opened up about how he thinks his character has changed since the show's pilot, and now that the first season is nearing its end.

"I think the general journal, as it is in the books, is one from knowledge to wisdom on Eph's part," Stoll explained. "He starts off completely knowing every answer before he asks it, and the circumstances of the season continue to thwart that at every turn. Eph is going to a place where he has to abandon everything he knows."

Meanwhile, Stoll's co-star, Kevin Durand, who plays rat exterminator Vasiliy Fet on the show, shared his thoughts about how his character will possibly turn from a hard-edged man to someone who cares for his co-survivors.

"I think the idea that Fet will develop feelings for people within this group would definitely raise the stakes for him and probably put fear in his heart," the 40-year-old Canadian actor said in a recent Q&A with members of the press in anticipation of the show's season finale, according to TV Fanatic.

He continued: "It's just like Setrakian (David Bradley) has told us before, he said love is our downfall. And I think of him being a loner up to this point, like even seeing that he hasn't seen his father or mother, he's been estranged from there for years."

"He hasn't really had to account for anyone for a long time, and now he seems like he really, genuinely respected Setrakian at this point and I see a relationship budding there, like a father/son relationship," he added. "It seems like he's kind of interested in Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) as well. I think that that might be the thing his connection to these human beings under that duress may take him to that point."

FX announced on Aug. 19 that it ordered a second season of "The Strain." It will consist of 13 episodes, and is set to premiere in summer 2015, TV Guide reported.