Shane was stabbed in the chest by Rick; Dale passed away after a walker ripped open his stomach; Lori died after Maggie gave her an emergency Caesarean Section; Andrea committed suicide after being bitten by a walker; and Hershel was decapitated by The Governor. No one is indeed safe on "The Walking Dead," no matter how popular one's character is. But how would the cast members like to see their still-living characters get killed off when their time comes?

In a recent interview with IGN, Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on the hit AMC series, was asked if she prefers to see her character got killed by humans or be eaten by the undead, and she answered: "Oh, man. That's hard. I don't know."

"I'd want it to be whatever hasn't been done yet, I think," the 32-year-old actress said. "Something new. Like, what if you got bit and then had to chop off your own arm or something? That's never really happened. Like, if you were by yourself and you got bit? But then I guess you'd still live because you chopped off your own arm. But it would still be terrible. Maybe if you closed your arm hard in a door and got it off that way. See these are the places my brain goes. But I don't want to go [laughs]."

Cohan, along with some of her co-stars, was also asked by Entertainment Weekly about how she visualizes her final moments on the show, and this is what she said:

"Maggie and Glenn (Steven Yeun) are running through a forest, and there's a horde behind them, and there's nowhere else to go. It's just a cliff at the end, and they hold hands and they jump off the cliff and they scream at the end, and they scream all the way down. And it freeze-frames with them, with their arms up in the air just going, 'Waaaaaaaaaaaaait!'

But clearly, the American-born English actress, who is also known for her role as Bela Talbot on The CW's "Supernatural," does not what to leave the show yet. Just recently, The Hollywood Reporter put a "Walking Dead" twist on a fun NSFW game and asked Cohan, along with some of the show's cast members, with the following question: "Will your character hook up, be killed off or be separated from the group?"

Cohan replied, "Hook up! But with her husband? Are there other options?"

She continued: "I was going to go down a bisexual route but I'm not going to say - but there's one person...I can't even go down this road because then it's in print everywhere that Maggie wants to be a lesbian. She doesn't! She loves being with her husband. If her husband was gone, she might think about it - because you become resourceful!"

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 premieres Sunday, Oct. 12, at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.