'The Walking Dead' Star Michael Cudlitz Talks Abraham And Rick's Relationship In Season 5, And What Drives Abraham To Get Eugene To Washington

Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham on "The Walking Dead," has said that his character would initially be sort of hostile to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) in Season 5 just like in the comic books.

Abraham and Rick first met in the Season 4 finale where both of their groups were locked up inside a boxcar.

"Obviously they weren't agreeing in that moment to say the least," the 45-year-old actor told Entertainment Weekly. "Remember, Abraham is a sergeant. He's a non-commissioned officer. He's definitely mission-oriented, but it's typically dealing with a smaller mission. He's not necessarily the guy who holds the keys to the big plan."

"There may or may not be tension with someone who wants to be the colonel or general because that's not what he's accustomed to doing," Cudlitz explained. "You give him a plan and he will absolutely execute it."

"That's not to say that he can't be the colonel or the general someday," the "Southland" actor added. "It's just saying that right now, he's not. It doesn't even come down to that. It comes down to making sure that this mission gets executed and making sure that Eugene [Josh McDermitt] gets to Washington."

When asked how Abraham may fit into a group that already has several leaders like Rick and Daryl (Norman Reedus), Cudlitz answered, "It's going to be curious to see when things settle down who is able to step back and who is not," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"When there's two people in a van, it's easy to work things out. But when the extended family gets involved, things start to fall apart sometimes. That's potentially what's going to happen," he told reporters at San Diego Comic-Con last July.

But Abraham is positive that his group will eventually get along well with Rick's gang.

"All the groups can coexist to some degree," he said. "We have one group that definitely has a mission and one that doesn't - other than staying alive and keeping their core together. Right now, they all have the same mission: to get out of where they are. There's times where the shortest distance is not always the straight line, and both groups understand that. And all the leaders in the group understand that."

As to why his character is so committed in delivering Eugene to Washington, Cudlitz told EW: "Not only the world is lost, but everything for Abraham and his specific world is lost. This is the only thing left he has to live for, and it does have purpose, and it does have meaning. It has so much meaning it is literally the single-most important thing in the world that has to be done."

Cudlitz also told EW that the show is "definitely examining" Abraham's past this upcoming season.

The show has "done a real good job of peeling back the onion as you go along, and as you get to know about the characters, you care about them," Cudlitz told Los Angeles Register earlier this month. "There are no throwaway characters on this show."

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