'The Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus Explains Why He Thinks Fans Love Daryl Dixon, Reveals He Has Six Crossbows

Daryl Dixon is no doubt one of the fan-favorite characters on "The Walking Dead." Norman Reedus, the actor who plays the crossbow-wielding zombie apocalypse survivor, has been receiving thousands of fan letters and even proposals from the show's female followers. But what does Daryl really have that makes people love him?

In a recent interview with Connect Savannah, the 45-year-old hunky actor gives some reasons why he thinks fans cannot get enough of his character on the hit AMC zombie show.

"He's honest. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he means what he says," the Hollywood, Florida-born actor said of Daryl. "You're watching this guy who's very childlike in a lot of ways slowly become the man that he would've loved to be if this didn't all go down. And this probably wouldn't have ever happened, you know? And this backdrop sort of gave him an opportunity to discover himself, and it's interesting to watch."

At one point during the interview, the "Boondocks Saints" star also revealed that he already has six crossbows.

"I steal them every year," he said. "So in New York, I have about five. My house in Georgia, I have one of those, I have a compound bow."And he admitted that he is "pretty good" in crossbow shooting.

Earlier this month, Reedus told Toronto Star in a phone interview that he starts his day practicing his crossbow shooting skills.

"I get up every morning in my place outside Atlanta, I make an espresso and I walk outside in my backyard in my underwear. I shoot my compound bow at a bunch of targets, then I get on my motorcycle and go to the studio," he said.

He also revealed at Fan Expo Canada in August that he practices crossbow shooting regularly in order to make his portrayal of Daryl more believable.

"I had targets set up on my trees. I'd have a coffee and I'd shoot the targets. Sometimes I'd miss and they'd stick in the trees... All the trees around the back of my house have arrows sticking out of them," he said at the time, according to Comic Book Resources.

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