Though it has already been about three weeks since Andrew Lincoln (Rick) debuted his new clean shaven look at "The Walking Dead" Season 5 premiere at AMC Universal City Walk on Oct. 2, his beard, or rather, his lack of beard was still a hot topic during a panel with him, Norman Reedus (Daryl) and executive producer Greg Nicotero at Walker Stalker Con Saturday, Oct. 18.

Reedus said that he has Lincoln's shaved stubble in a Ziploc bag in his fridge.

"You know, what's crazy is I have his beard in a Ziploc bag in my refrigerator," said the 45-year-old the "Boondocks Saint" actor, according to "True story."

Lincoln, 41, added, "This is for real. He said to me, and he just went, when we had to do this...are we allowed to talk about it?"

Special effects makeup guru Nicotero chimed in, "You can't talk about that."

"Whatever happens... when I died from the show this season, he [Reedus] says, 'I want Andy's DNA, '" joked Lincoln.

Reedus revealed that he wants his co-star's DNA so he could grow another Lincoln.

Lincoln quipped, "In fact, I'm the first clone here."

And while fans have been wondering why the "Love Actually" star let go of his trademark facial hair and what could it mean for this season's plot, the actor's 4-year-old son Arthur was quite emotional when he saw his dad's new look.

"It's very interesting seeing my face again because the last time I saw it was four years ago," Lincoln told Time. "And my son had never seen it clean shaven, so there were a couple of Skype sessions that were quite emotional, to say the least, trying to convince him that I'm still his father."

But what could be the real reason behind Lincoln's beardless look? "Either I'm not in the show anymore or there's a flashback where I found a razor," Lincoln told The Hollywood Reporter with a laugh.

"It's an extraordinary and interesting thing that goes down," he said of why his character may suddenly appear without his beard. "I can't really go into it because I don't want to spoil it."