In the most recent episode of "The Walking Dead," Gareth (Andrew J. West) and his group of cannibal survivors did not only kidnap Bob; they also cut off one of his legs and feast on it. The shocking scene was directly taken from the comics, except for the fact that Bob (Larry Gilliard Jr.) substituted for Dale and Gareth took the place of the comic book character Chris - the leader of The Hunters. If the show follows the original source, then there might be a twist next episode.

In the comics, The Hunters kidnapped Dale (who died on the TV series back in Season 2) and ate part of his leg. But before he was captured by the cannibal survivors, he had been bitten by a walker, and had kept the incident a secret from everyone. Dale then laughed at The Hunters, and informed them that what they were eating was actually tainted meat, reported.

And while it was not revealed whether Bob has been bitten or not at the end of the episode, it is very possible that a walker in the food bank bit a submerged part of his body while he was helping Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) clear the establishment from zombies. Also, Bob has started to act a little bit different since the whole gang was back at the church.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, West was asked if there could be some concern about Bob's meat similar to what happened in the comics. And in response, he said: "That's the cool thing about the show. Obviously, it takes a lot from the source material, and we see some language and some imagery taken directly from the source material in this episode. But it also mixes it up a lot too, and it changes enough things to where viewers of the TV show are left surprised even if they have read the comics."

"It may not be the same thing at all with Bob, but these things will be explored pretty quickly," he teased. "[The writers aren't] going to leave anybody hanging on this stuff for very long."

West also recently insisted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Bob is a completely different character than Dale. "I wouldn't recommend people speculate too heavily on if the show is following the comic; it veers in and out of that world, and that will continue," he explained. "How this whole situation with Bob and Gareth plays out is going to be interesting. There will be more surprises to come."

And if you are wondering what did West actually eat to double for Bob, the "Greek" alum revealed that it was "some type of pork." "It was pretty delicious! I'm a pork fan, and I don't know if it was pork shoulder, but it was tasty stuff!" he told THR. "I gladly skipped lunch that day."