'The Walking Dead' Star Emily Kinney Thinks Melissa McBride's Carol Is Not Faking An Injury To Rescue Beth

At the very end of the recent episode of "The Walking Dead" titled "Slabtown," Beth (Emily Kinney) saw Carol (Melissa McBride) being checked in to the hospital. One of the most popular fan theories claims that Carol intentionally faked an injury in order to be found by Dawn's (Christine Woods) group so she could rescue Beth. But Kinney thinks that it is not the case.

"If you look at how Noah (Tyler James Williams) and Beth were taken, I feel like it was probably the same," the 29-year-old singer-actress told The Hollywood Reporter of the probable reason why Carol ended up in the hospital. "I think they captured Carol the same way they captured Beth and Noah."

"Carol is fighting to get away from walkers and they captured her," Kinney said. "I think they probably saw Carol either get attacked by a walker and saved her and took her to the hospital. I don't think Carol was, 'Hey, take me!' I don't think Carol and Daryl (Norman Reedus) know where Beth is at all.

And while only time can tell how Dawn's group actually captured Carol, the character's unexpected check-in at the hospital completely changes Beth's mindset.

"I don't think she knows exactly what her plan is," Kinney told Entertainment Weekly of her character's mindset prior to seeing Carol being wheeled in to the hospital. "Those last two scenes with Dawn and Edward (Erik Jensen) are moments where you see Beth at a different level. There's almost a numbness and a fearlessness and there's no filter anymore. She's not trying to make friends with anyone here."

"She's just going by gut instinct, like if she wants to grab a knife and stab someone, she's gonna do it," Kinney explained. "If she wants to run down this hallway, she's gonna do it. She's just gonna do whatever she wants. She doesn't care what these people think and they can beat her up as much as they want."

But the moment Beth saw Carol, everything changed. "I think that seeing Carol sort of snaps her out of it," Kinney told TV Guide. "It makes her think, I might have an ally here after all. I might be closer to my family than I thought. There could be another game plan here than just fighting for myself. I think that instilled within her a tiny bit of, 'Oh, there is a chance. Worlds are colliding a bit and maybe I could find someone I know.'"

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