'The Walking Dead' Star Sonequa Martin-Green Talks What Sasha Learned From Bob's Death; Is Her Real-Life Pregnancy Being Written Into The AMC Drama?

Sonequa Martin-Green has said in a recent interview with AMC that heartbreak is even more painful during a zombie apocalypse, especially for her "The Walking Dead" character Sasha who had been so resistant to opening up with another person for a long time until he met Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.).

Unfortunately, in the previous episode of the hit AMC zombie drama, Sasha learned that her boyfriend Bob was kidnapped by Gareth's (Andrew J. West) group and had his leg cut off only to be served up as dinner. And that was not all. She also discovered that Bob was bitten by a walker at the food bank and was just waiting for his time to turn into a zombie.

"[Heartbreak] is just the saddest thing because all you have is each other at this point," the pregnant 29-year-old actress told AMC. "Your security is always so challenged. When you lose each other, what else is there?"

When asked what it was like to shoot Gilliard's final episode, the "Good Wife" alum responded, "It was the most challenging episode that I had ever shot, both physically and emotionally. It was a roller-coaster, but it was so rich. While it was really hard, it was also amazing. I'm grateful I got through it."

Martin-Green added that her character learned many things from Bob. "She learned how to entertain hope and how to connect with people," she said. "Something Bob would always teach her is you can't just survive. You have to live and you have to open up to people. She had started to really take his lead on that. Maybe if there is a silver lining, that's something she'd realize later."

"Sasha was so resistant to a genuine connection with another person, and it's something she's been struggling with for a long time," the "Once Upon a Time" star recently explained to The Hollywood Reporter. "Bob came along and saved her from that life of exclusivity and of saying, 'This is about me. I'm going to survive and be a team player, but ultimately I'm just going to be focused on me.' He saved her in that way. He came along and pulled her out of that and showed her that there's more to life than just survival."

Meanwhile, Martin-Green is set to welcome his first child, a baby boy, in January, according to Us Weekly.

When asked by The Wrap last month if her pregnancy is being written into the show, she answered, "My lips are sealed. I'm not saying a word."

"The Walking Dead" airs every Sundays 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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