H&M Earns Praise For Swimswear Photos, Shows Real, Un-Photoshopped Models
H&M's latest swimwear photos are gaining popularity for all the right reasons. The Swedish company noticeably didn't Photoshop their models' stretch marks, blemishes, and hairs, much to the delight of their fans.
Summer Jam 2013: Relleciga Gives Top 6 Bikini Trends, Kim Kardashian-Style; How to 'Channel Your Inner Beauty Goddess' at the Beach [PHOTOS]
With so many colors and styles, picking the perfect bikini can be daunting, but Summer Jam 2013 is right around the corner so people can take trendy looks to the beach and concert venue.
'America's Next Top Model' and 'The Rachel Zoe Project' Featured Guest Lauren Elaine: Launches Summer 2013 'Laine by Lauren Elaine' Collection [VIDEO, PHOTOS]
Lauren Elaine, whose designs have graced the bodies of many celebrities including Sasa Pieterse of ABC's "Pretty Little Liars," announced and detailed the particulars of her new summer 2013 collection on Friday.
Memorial Day 2013: Five Easy Tips For Looking Great, Boosting Confidence in Swimwear at the Beach
This Memorial Day, looking and feeling great in your swimwear is easy breezy with just five steps from It Works! Global.
L*SPACE Swim Will Debut Custom Bikini, SKYY Vodka Inspires and Features on American Beauty Bottle to Celebrate 'US Pride in Style'
This summer, L* SPACE Swim will debut a custom bikini inspired by SKYY Vodka's soon-to-launch limited edition American beauty bottle.
Kate Upton Cat Daddy: Bikini just 'Seems like It Fits Better.' SI Swimwear Model Talks Swimsuit Preference, Antartica in Interview [VIDEO]
Kate Upton, Sports Illustrated's second consecutive swimwear cover model and 'Cat Daddy' dancing sensation, talks about why she prefers string binkins and why shooting in Antartica was unchartered territory.


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