L*SPACE Swim Will Debut Custom Bikini, SKYY Vodka Inspires and Features on American Beauty Bottle to Celebrate 'US Pride in Style'

This summer, L* SPACE Swim will debut a custom bikini inspired by SKYY Vodka's soon-to-launch limited edition American beauty bottle.

The US contemporary swinwear line also designed a bikini image for the cobalt blue beauty bottle created by the spirits brand, making something that is a perfect hostess gift for any summer celebration including the Fourth of July, according to a press release. The brand is very happy about the pairing.

"Our partnership with SKYY Vodka rings true on some many levels; we are both focused on style, sophiscation, and celebrating in true American form," explained L*SPACE's creative director and designer Monica Wise. "I am honored that I was asked to design a custom L*SPACE Swim bikini graphic on SKYY Vodka's beautiful bottle, that ultimately led to a real-life bikini we will be selling to our fans." 

The bottle will also feature an "iconic, eye-catching stars-and-stripes design celebrating premium, American-made products in a fun, sexy way." And L*SPACE is not the only one excited about it.

"As American brands, the SKYY Vodka and L*SPACE Swim collaboration celebrates U.S. pride and is a unique way to add a fashionable twist to our iconic cobalt blue SKYY bottle," said Umberto Luchini, SKYY's head of marketing. "This limited-edition bottle is an excellent demonstration of the American-made craftsmenship and modern style that SKYY Vodka has been committed to since we we're founded in San Francisco 21 years ago." 

The L*SPACE Swim for SKYY Vodka bikini will be available for $143 for a limited time at 

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