Summer Jam 2013: Relleciga Gives Top 6 Bikini Trends, Kim Kardashian-Style; How to 'Channel Your Inner Beauty Goddess' at the Beach [PHOTOS]

With so many colors and styles, picking the perfect bikini can be daunting, but Summer Jam 2013 is right around the corner so people can take trendy looks to the beach and concert venue.

Relleciga, one of the leading and hottest fashion bikini brands, breaks down just how to nab a great two piece that stuns in the sun in a press release. They also dish out advice on perfecting unique summersuit looks that will "channel your inner beach goddess."

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First, give much consideration to color. Neon colors are so in for their vibrant, eye-catching brightness and youthful appeal. But did you know that they also "scream confidence" and will make you a stand out amongst the crown of muted and monochrome bathing suit wearers. So go electric and make a statement with a bold pop of color, with trying every shade of the rainbow.

Also, trying a suit with a metallic finish, accents or prints will stun your fellow beach goers.

The on-trend brand also says prints are very alluring so embrace some of Relleciga's floral, tribal and wild styles. Geometrical is also hot right now, as well as kaleidoscopic, zigzags, leopard, stripes and python.

If you are looking for something else that shouts summer, use your floral power. Using flower patterns with the kaleidoscope look is especially lush-looking, and a season must-have.  

A good rule of thumb for florals is the "crazier, the more colorful, the bolder, the better!"

What is also hightly-attractive and burgeoning are digital prints, especially when it comes to bandeau bikinis. Taking on the digital way to perfecting your beach allure means embracing anything from animal prints to abstract patterns. They advise us to make sure to "choose a suit that fits our personal style for some individuality." 

But if you are looking to combine the different trends, go right ahead!

Mix and match is definately a trend by itself, starting on the streets but moving to the beach. Many brands including Victoria's Secret, Beach Bunny and Relleciga offers suits merging the best of all worlds for the price of one as stated in the release.

Make sure to consider your body type and think of what style you like best for investing in a cute and chic summer bikini. The return line sucks!

Summer Jam is on June 2 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. 

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