Lift Heavier, Run Faster and Get Leaner…With a Sleep Coach?
Equinox Unveils Study Linking Behavioral Sleep Coaching to Exercise Performance Benefits
Lack of Sleep? Insomnia? The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation Part 3
We've always been tried and true believers in a good night's rest. After all, a little R&R goes a long way for skin and helps us look younger longer. But beauty sleep isn't only skin deep. If you've missed our list on the dangers of sleep prevention, we hope you were getting a good nap in! Rea...
Lack of Sleep? Insomnia? The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation Part 2
Tossing and turning at night? Waking up exhausted? You're not alone. Sleep deprivation is more serious than most people think. Not getting enough rest doesn't only lead to fatigue during the day, but it can have serious effects on your overall health. We have had to break up the list of health...
Lack of Sleep? Insomnia? The Health Dangers of Sleep Deprivation
A busy new week has begun and with that, the struggle to get enough sleep to stay energized revs up yet again. Sure beauty sleep is important to help ward off early signs of aging in the skin, but getting enough shut eye is crucial for your overall health too.
Lack of Sleep and Skin Care: Beauty Sleep Tips To Fight Signs Of Aging
Did you know poor sleepers show a 30 percent slower sunburn and blemish recovery rate when compared to those who rated their sleep as good? We told you beauty sleep is real! Founder of the Sleep Genius smart phone app, Colin House, gave us even more facts to explain why sleep is the best investment ...
Can't Sleep? New Study Reveals Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Brain Damage
So by now our regular readers know we here at BWN truly believe in the power of beauty sleep. Getting the proper amount of rest can be vital to keeping skin in tip-top shape, free of wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, and that pesky puffiness we all dread. But a new study out this week proves just ...
Look & Feel Younger: Get Your Beauty Sleep During National Sleep Awareness Week
Happy Sleep Awareness Week! This coming week is a celebration of what the power of a little shut-eye can do. Sleep Awareness Week takes place March 2-9 and is an annual public awareness campaign to promote the importance of catching those zzz's. The week begins with the announcement of the Natio...
5 Tips To Turn Rest Into Beauty Sleep
Shouldn't every beauty junkie also be a sleeping beauty? We worry so much about our looks during the day, but what about those crucial hours where rest is the best way to recharge our beauty regime? Are you doing everything to maximize that shuteye? Here are few tips to keep in mind where you're rea...
The Top 5 Non-Beauty Essentials For Beauty
Beauty products may come and go, but there are 5 key not-so-secret tips to beauty that many of us neglect or simply overlook. Start with these tried and true beauty rules, and the rest is easy. No, they're not lipsticks, powders, or creams, but they do offer amazing results.
Exercising before bed will help you sleep better
The National Sleep Foundation's Sleep in America poll found a "compelling association between exercise and sleep." Read about why you it's worth breaking a sweat before bed.


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