Lack of Sleep? Insomnia? The Health Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

A busy new week has begun and with that, the struggle to get enough sleep to stay energized revs up yet again.

Sure beauty sleep is important to help ward off early signs of aging in the skin, but getting enough shut eye is crucial for your overall health too.

Beauty4Media reports that not getting enough sleep can cause much more damaging effects than just a few extra wrinkles.

We know that sleep recharges us, and that lack of sleep will effect our daily function and, but these are just simple and superficial problems of lack of sleep.

The cumulative effect of sleep deprivation can be devastating for our health. Some of this information will surprise you, but will explain some things that you may not have linked to your sleeping habits:

Cancer. Particularly breast cancer and prostate cancer. In fact, the link between lack of sleep and cancer has been investigated in such a comprehensive way that the World Health Organization defined shift work as a carcinogen.

Weight gain. For those who try to maintain a healthy weight, lack of sleep is not recommended at all. Fatigue makes people hungrier, and people who don't sleep enough hours tend to consume hundreds of calories more a day.

Increases the risk of infections. Studies have revealed that pro-inflammatory proteins are found in large amounts in people suffering from a lack of sleep. The tendency to inflammation is a danger in itself that can lead to many other diseases.

Depression.  Lack of sleep not only affects the physical state, but also the mental state. One of the common side effects of lack of sleep is depression. The psychological distress that comes with decreased sleep is a fertile ground for various mental health issues.

Are you getting enough sleep? Tell us with a note below!

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