How Skin Type and pH Level Affect the Way Perfume Smells
Finding the right perfume for your skin can be complex due to many influencing factors such as your skin type and pH level.
YSL-Yves Saint Laurent-Libre Perfumes
Top YSL Colognes for Men and Women
From the confident masculinity of Y Eau de Parfum to the empowering femininity of Libre, each fragrance is a masterpiece that reflects the brand's commitment to refinement.
Why Chanel No. 5 is Still Dominating the Fragrance World
Why Chanel No. 5 Is Still Dominating the Fragrance World
When it comes to fragrance, Chanel No. 5 is held in high regard even after 100 years in the industry.
flower - water
Clean Beauty Collective Debuts Long-Lasting, Water-Based Fragrances Ideal For Sensitive Skin
The new collection is ethyl alcohol-free, providing a gentler alternative for those with sensitive skin.
New Designer Fragrances From Essence of Beauty Launch At CVS/pharmacy This Month
Sometimes you don't have to look any further than your drugstore for chic beauty finds. Essence of Beauty, the #1 best-selling fragrance and body care line at CVS/pharmacy, is now launching the new Signature Collection Body Mists, crafted by international master-perfumers. The perfumers are sa...
Perfume, Fragrance & Scents Galore: Come to Sniffapalooza 2014!
Sniffapalooza Spring Fling in NYC will soon be here! Mark your calendars - the dates are Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4 - for the 20th edition of this spectacular scent event! For those of you who are just joining the Sniffapalooza family, the Sniffapalooza Spring Fling is an entire weekend...
New Year, New You: 4 Tips To Help You Choose A Signature Fragrance For 2014
The New Year inspires us to take on the "out with the old, in with the new" attitude. Quite often we take that literally by donating old clothes, throwing away those old beauty products, and even going for a bold new haircut or style. Fragrance is the closest thing linked to people's memory, so ...
Masik Collegiate Fragrances Introduces School-Spirited Scents
Ever had a scent remind you of school? Masik, a fragrance line for colleges, recently developed a collection that takes beauty lovers back to their undergrad and graduate days.
Study Shows Body Odor Actually Complements The Fragrance You Wear
Contrary to popular opinion, we actually don't need as much help from the experts picking out our fragrances as we might think. BeautyPress recently reported on an article in Cosmetic Design that reveals the science behind why you choose certain notes over others, or tend to have a signature type...
Bravo TV's Chef Roblé Letting Fans Choose Final Scent For CLIQUE Fragrance At Exclusive New York Preview
Remember when we told you about the anticipated new women's fragrance being created by Roblé Ali, the star of Bravo's Chef Roblé & Co.? Well it looks like the chef needs our help! The unique women's fragrance collaboration between this celebrity chef Roblé Ali and top perfumer Frank Voelkl ...
Victoria's Secret Releases New Angel Dream Fragrance for Holiday 2013
Coming right off the heels of the hottest runway, Victoria Secret is now debuting a new fragrance inspired by their sexy supermodels a.k.a. angels. Click through the slideshow to see some of the looks from this year's fashion show, airing on CBS December 10 at 10/9 central. Steal the spotlight. F...
Demeter Fragrance Library Releases Pumpkin Pie Scent for Fall 2013
Remember when we invited you to experience the power of pumpkin? Well if you weren't into the idea of a pumpkin facial, a new scent by Demeter will likely do the trick. Ever heard of this divine fragrance line? The Demeter Fragrance Library consists of over 250 fragrances inspired by everyday obj...
Whiskey in Your Perfume? Meet Luxury Perfumer Seth Kornegay
Looking for a unique scent to make your signature? How about a shot of whiskey? Luxury perfumer Seth Kornegay has recently added a line of affordable rollerballs to his collection so everyone can experience his fragrances. Starting at just $30 for 15 ml travel size rollerballs (up to $620 for 1.7...
Illamasqua Launches New Freak Scarab Unisex Fragrance
It Enchants. It Captivates. It Corrupts. Meet the decadent new fragrance that's designed to go unisex. Introducing Freak Scarab by Illamasqua. We just highlighted this fragrance's original predecessor in our Goth Goddess Halloween Makeup look yesterday. The original Freak fragrance by this ...
See by Chloe Launches Limited-Edition 'Paint-A-Scent' Perfume
See by Chloe has released a limited-edition "Paint-A-Perfume" version of their popular self-named perfume out now! Fans can expect the same incredible scent, created with notes of bergamot, apple blossom, sandalwood, vanilla and jasmine, with this current edition.
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