flower - water (Photo : Pexels/NEOSiAM 2024+)

Clean Beauty Collective introduced a collection of water-based fragrances that is especially designed for people with sensitive skin.

The eight-scent collection, called Clean Reserve H2Eau, builds on H2Eau Hydro-Tec, a micro-emulsion technology developed by the fragrance company in partnership with Japan-based perfumery company Takasago.

According to Clean Beauty Collective, this technique allows the company to mix fragrance oil and water to produce perfumes that last longer, hydrate the skin, and do not irritate, solving the longevity issue of most water-based fragrances. 

"Historically, water-based fragrances have been tacky on the skin and have lacked longevity," Clean Beauty Collective said in a press release. "Clean Reserve H2Eau's unique approach is not only long-lasting, but also gentle enough for sensitive skin, absorbing quickly, and leaving skin smooth and hydrated without irritation."

The omission of ethyl alcohol from the ingredients makes the new perfumes a gentler alternative for people who have sensitive skin and are looking for scents that are non-irritating yet long-lasting.

The collection claims to be eco-conscious, sustainable, and cruelty free. It is packaged with recyclable materials and is manufactured in solar-powered facilities. Moreover, no product under the collection has been tested on animals, Clean Beauty Collective said.

The collection, according to the company, is derived from responsibly sourced ingredients, with Clean Beauty Collective making sure to choose "partners that source sustainable ingredients that give back to the local farmers and their communities." 

"Clean Reserve H2Eau is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability," Clean Beauty Collective CEO Greg Black said. "It represents a leap forward in clean fragrance technology, demonstrating that luxury and environmental responsibility can coexist harmoniously."

According to the company, its eight new Clean Reserve H2Eau fragrances are designed to "evoke the calming and refreshing qualities of water."

The collection includes Amber Cashmere, Brilliant Peony, Emerald Oasis, Musk Noir, Nectarine Petal, Waterfall, and Water Lotus.

Clean Beauty Collective's latest perfumes are priced between $32 and $110, depending on the size of the bottle.

The Clean Reserve H2Eau collection is now available for purchase exclusively at Clean Beauty Collective's official site or Sephora