The New Year inspires us to take on an "out with the old, in with the new" attitude. Quite often we take that literally by donating old clothes, throwing away those old beauty products, and even going for a bold new haircut or style. 

Fragrance is the closest thing linked to people's memory, so when it comes to a new year, sometimes you just want to make a new long lasting memory on people. Purchasing a new fragrance is a great way to feel renewed. Read the helpful tips below to keep in mind when shopping for your new scent:

Take your time: The wide array of fragrances out there can be overwelhming, so the best thing to do is start where you're comfortable and most familiar. BeautyPress recommends to browse through the cosmetic floor of your favorite department store. Compare different perfumes to one another and start evaluating if you like deep or light scents, then begin to divide and conquer.