A new year calls for a new look! Ready for a change to your mane? Check out the tips below from expert hair stylist, Raphael Roboh.

So you're looking for a new hairstyle. 2014 is soon approaching and you want to enter into January with a head-turning look. But the one head you must examine first is your own! Need tips on what kind of style to get for your face shape?  Consider the advice of Raphael Reboh, celebrity stylist and owner of Femme Coiffure Hair Spa in Miami for guidance on how to pick the most flattering cut.

Raphael is responsible for taming the manes of Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and Claudia Schiffer. With so many famous crowns, Reboh is an expert on what cut works best for each type of face shape. See which shape suits you best:

Oval - Bring on the layers! "This face shape looks great with tons and tons of layers," Reboh explained. "The oval face shaped girl can pull this off more than anyone." Raphael says lack of layers means lack of depth. "If your hair is straight and one length, the face will look significantly narrower."

Round - For a round face shape, believe in the power of the pixie. "The short choppy pixie is amazing on this face shape! If you have medium length or long hair, I recommend layers and a long bang. You need texture," explained Reboh. The pixie cut has truly hit Hollywood in a major way this year. Try this timeless look on for size and see just how great you'll look!

Square - A square shaped face looks great with a dimensional haircut. "You want graduated layers close to the face," Raphael recommends. "This softens the jaw line - also big loose waves are perfect for this shape." Consider a hot scissors haircut for added style and investment.

Long - Also known as a rectangular face. This face shape also looks good with a layered cut. "Lots of layers open up your cheekbone area which is flattering for this face shape.  I also like to avoid having hair too long because that can make the face look longer," Reboh explained. Raphael says to opt for a long side bang to additionally flatter this face shape.

Heart - For this face shape, combine dimension with a soft bang that's long enough to style. "For the heart face shape, go for a look that has not only lots and lots of layers, especially around the face, but also has a heavy side swipe bang, as this is also very flattering for the face."

What's your face shape? Let us know with a note below!