Armpit Skin Care: How To Avoid Discoloration, Itchiness & Irritation
It's time to raise your arms ladies! Summer with soon be here and warmer temps call for sleeveless shirts, swimsuits, and exposing an area of the body that receives very little attention: Armpits! Did you know that the mindless daily shave and quick roll of deodorant steal 50 percent of moisture ...
Fight Dryness And Dehydration: Celebrity Stylist Errol Douglas Gives Tips For Healthy Hydrated Hair
This year, Errol Douglas MBE, one of the most influential hairdressers in the world, is offering up a few of his celeb-worthy tips for a foolproof plan to achieve hair that is healthy and happy. Do tell! The biggest problem the stylist identifies is the elements. "Weather affects all hair types, ...
Dry Chapped Lips? 5 Tips To Keep Lips Soft and Kissable This Winter
The cold air is always trying to suck the moisture out of our skin and that doesn't exclude lips. In a season where everyone wants to snuggle up close to someone special, a pair of dry, chapped lips will ruin the moment every time. Avoid a pitiful pout with these five do's and don'ts, and check out ...
Signs Your Skin Is Telling You: Seasonal Tips for Problem Skin
Your skin is the largest organ on your body, so it should definitely be given a seat at the beauty roundtable. Unfortunately though, we can ignore some of the important messages skin is trying to send us. With the cooler months approaching too, check out what subtle messages skin is sending that you...
Argan Oil Vs. Moroccan Oil: Which Comes Out On Top?
It's the battle of the oils. So many beauty brands now feature Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil as a key ingredient or important component in their formula. We wanted to know exactly what the difference is between these oils and what makes beauty lovers choose one over the other. Which of these popular ...
Petroleum Jelly: Beauty Fact or Myth?
As we all anxiously await the fashionably late arrival of spring, many of us are still trying to combat winter's tight, dry grip on our skin. The cold months are more like moisture bandits, making it difficult to keep skin nourished and hydrated. A supposed go-to for many years, petroleum jelly ha...


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