Signs Your Skin Is Telling You: Seasonal Tips for Problem Skin

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, so it should definitely be given a seat at the beauty roundtable. Unfortunately though, we can ignore some of the important messages skin is trying to send us. With the cooler months approaching too, check out what subtle messages skin is sending that you might be overlooking:

If skin is noticeably dry. You might want to lay off the long hot showers. Believe it or not, the longer you are in the shower, the more your skin will be dried out, robbed of a lot of its natural hydration. This can result in dry and irritated skin, and the fall/winter seasons just make skin's drought even worse. Shorten showers and limit the intensity of the water's warmth to see a difference in your skin.

If skin is breaking out. The change in season can also affect skin's clarity. Changes in temperature, lower humidity, and harsh wind can kick up irritation and trigger unwanted blemishes. Don't go out and buy a whole new skin regimen, but to help skin sort itself out, by trying a moisturizer that contains antioxidants like Vitamin C or grapeseed oil to help treat and repair.

If skin isn't responding to moisturizer. It's time to switch things up. A change in the season brings cooler temperatures and summer creams won't cut it. Skin is likely in need of a different type of emollient. Skip the lighter lotions and opt for a cream that contains humectants like glycerin that attract water and retain moisture. The formula should also include fatty acids and occlusives like petroleum to help seal in hydration and deliver a thicker consistency to skin.

If skin looks dull. Summer glow gone? The change in season can often be the culprit. Skin doesn't regenerate new cells as quickly in the cooler air, so help things along with the occasional facial exfoliation to get your radiance back. Help slough away old skin to reveal a new brighter layer of fresh skin below with a handheld exfoliatior or traditional mask with gentle microbeads.

What messages is your skin sending you? Let us know with a note below.

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