The cold air is always trying to suck the moisture out of our skin and that doesn't exclude lips. In a season where everyone wants to snuggle up close to someone special, a pair of dry, chapped lips will ruin the moment every time. Avoid a pitiful pout with these five do's and don'ts, and check out our picks in the above slideshow for a few great lip balms to choose from.

Do exfoliate lips. If you're suffering from dry, flaky lips, slough off the dead skin with an at-home DIY scrub before you try to soften them up. You can use a combination of a teaspoon of honey and a sprinkle of sugar to get lips soft again, or even use your handheld exfoliator, gently rubbing it across lips. Reveal the new softer skin beneath that old unsightly layer, to start fresh again.

Don't lick lips. This may look and feel like a quick fix to lips that feel dry and uncomfortable, but all it does is make your mouth look and feel worse. Keeping lips hydrated this way will have you licking them practically every minute and that shiny sheen will soon dry, leaving you with a gross layer of saliva around your mouth that can further irritate skin.