The next big thing to touch your face since the Clarisonic has arrived just in time for the holidays. Innovative Swedish brand FOREO has been making waves in top retailers around the US, UK and Italy after the launch of its iconic range of LUNA skincare devices that offer a new approach to skincare, bringing a never seen before innovative beauty device to the table. Click through the slideshow to check out the cool product images.

The unique LUNA helps to drive out dirt, oil and makeup residue. With a model also made for men, this compact facial cleanser also conditions the skin for a smoother shave, all the while making your skin appear firmer with less fine lines and wrinkles.

In serious competition with the popular Clarisonic and other facial hand-held exfoliators, the LUNA claims to be gentler than other fibrous brushes currently on the market. An added selling point, the LUNA range is also ultra hygienic, resisting the build-up of bacteria while improving the absorption of your favorite skincare products. With the LUNA you don't have to buy replacement heads either and one charge lasts for well over 450 uses!